Repurposed Drawers, Purdy Panel, Sink Hole

I built this drawer unit many years ago to house DVDs and the stereo for the TV . . . It’s a two feet deep, 42 inch wide Beast!
180706 drawer unit before
It just happens to fit kinda perfectly in the trolley with just a few modifications . . . Luke was really good at working with my crooked construction and squaring it up for trolley . . . . . I’ll put my 12 volt fridge on the shelf above the drawers and then build other shelves beside and above that . . . . .
180706 drawer unit
Luke created and installed this purdy curly cue panel behind the driver’s seat . . . it will be the home for all the switches and monitors for the electrical system . . . . .
180706 panel 002
Luke cut a hole for the sink and then hammered the beloved crooked junkyard sink into some semblance of straight so it would fit in the hole . . . . .
180706 cutting sink hole180706 hammering sink180706 sink hole cut
Now I need to decide which cooktop I want so Luke can cut that hole . . . then I’ll put a fancy finish on the countertop . . . . .

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