Heavy Things Gone / Propane DeMystified

KD came and took the heavy things away!

Bobby, master fork lift mechanic and resident propane (and propane accessories) expert took a look at the propane system and explained a whole bunch o stuff and had good ideas about how to proceed with all of that . . . . .

looking in the engine 170806

William Earl disconnected and partially removed the rear AC . . . it’s bolted in through the roof so we’re gonna wait to take it out until we have something to plug up the holes . . . it doesn’t work and two big AC units is simply overkill unless youre hauling 23 people and opening and closing the doors all day . . . and it would get in the way of my over-the-bed ceiling fan and bookshelf speakers . . . . .


william with the air conditioning 170806


. . . some trolley chill time and a Sonic run for fancy drinks rounded out the day . . . . .

trolley chill 170806Did I mention KD came and took All the Heavy things Away!!?! . . . . . Yay!!!

panarama in the trolley 170806



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