The Trolley . . . Beginnings

I’d been searching for a vehicle to turn into a Nomad Tiny Home for quite some time.  I had researched Sprinter vans and other vehicles around that size.  I considered short buses, airport shuttle buses, step vans, box vans, etc. . . . looking for that perfect balance  between roomy comfort and drivability . . . . . I was pretty sure I had settled on a Ram Promaster for awhile there . . . . . But then . . . one day . . . I decided to check government auctions to see what was available there . . . . . And Then I Saw Her Face . . . . . . .

trolley at the woodlands

She was up for auction, having spent her 13 years of existence as mall transport at The Woodlands north of Houston.  I drove to Houston to have a look and talk with the mechanics.  She’s a 2004 with 66,000 miles . . . two years ago she got a rebuilt engine and new transmission.  She’s in Great Shape.

I tried Really Hard to talk myself out of it . . . I was, after all, looking for a smaller vehicle . . . . . but every time I thought of her, my heart leapt with Joy.  The Heart Wants What It Wants and I determined the tradeoff of not being quite as nimble as I wanted was Well worth it in the end.  And if I Really want to take that wrinkly road to Chaco Canyon . . . I’ll just have to rent a jeep . . . . .

I won the auction and got her for a very fair price.  Even though she runs well, because it’s taking a while to sort out insurance etc. etc. . . . I had her towed to my home in Austin . . . about 170 miles.  Tex Mar Towing totally Rocked . . . I definitely recommend them.

180701 hitchin-a-ride-170708

I needed to find out some information for the insurance company, so I called the company that made her, Cable Car Concepts in New Jersey.  They told me to call their shop in Florida.  So I did and talked with Adam, who has been building trolleys for Cable Car Concepts since 1996.  He sent pictures of where she was born and the crew that worked on her and told me some about the history of the company.  He was an interesting guy, a real creative thinker who obviously takes great pride in his beautiful work and was excited she was going to be turned into a mobile tiny home.  He talked about the type of materials they use and all sorts of interesting stuff . . . . . Looks like me and Trolley will have to swing through Florida sometime . . . . . ding ding!!

180701 trolley-crew

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